Multiply your sales by digging DEEPER


Have you ever felt that your conversations with clients always seem to be just scratching the surface? How can you uncover what matters deeply to your client, and does it really matter?

Of course it does. If you are a “scratch-the-surface” salesperson, you will find that your relationships with your clients will similarly be very surface in nature. Your client may have little loyalty towards you, as he does not regard your relationship very much beyond the transaction itself. You may find that your case sizes tend to be smaller than you wished them to be, and you have to invest a lot more effort to close your cases.

Digging deeper into what truly matters to your client is the key to multiplying your sales. Indeed, it is the salesperson that is able to go beyond the surface to uncover what resonates emotionally with the client, who will be rewarded handsomely. This requires a skilled salesperson who is able to convert even the most mundane of conversations such as “I live in Hougang” or “I’m bringing my pet to see the vet this weekend” into golden opportunities to go deeper with the client. The art is in asking the right quality questions without being intrusive and offensive to the client.

If you can master this, you can multiply your sales with minimal effort as you would be helping your client to achieve what truly matters to him. You do not need to sell him – he wants to buy.

Some food for thought for you:

  1. Have you always felt that you are not really getting through to your clients?
  2. In your sales appointment, are you doing most of the talking? Or is it your client?
  3. In your conversations with your client, do you mostly focus it on the product you are trying to sell? Or do you focus it on your client?
  4. When your client is speaking, are you actively listening? Or is your mind racing to come up with a response?
  5. In attempting to illustrate the benefits of your product, do you often rely on facts and figures? Or do you prefer to share stories with your client?

If you have not been having much of a breakthrough in your sales journey, this could be your answer. All it takes for you to do, is to take action NOW. What have you got to lose? Join us for an evening, and achieve the results you deserve.


Felicia profile

Felicia is highly passionate about people development and helping people realise their full potential. Her personal motto is to have perpetual growth and learning throughout her life.

Felicia worked with a multi-national real estate firm for 11 years. She started as a sales personnel and subsequently was promoted to a sales manager. Subsequently she was hand-picked among the 150-strong sales team to set up a brand new Investor Relations department, in charge of the recruitment, SOP development, training and coaching, as well as the day-to-day operations. Under her leadership, the team performed outbound call campaigns, sales support, and service recovery.

Through the years Felicia also achieved sales excellence, generating million dollar annual sales revenue. Her proven success in sales also propelled her to be put in charge of training the sales team and managing client communication initiatives when she was eventually promoted to be the Vice President of Training and Communications.

Felicia is an experienced speaker as well. She has spoken at various seminars, generating multi-million dollar sales within a single event. She often represented her company as the speaker at Invest Fair, Smart Property, SIAS Investment Week and many other events.

Given her extensive experience in sales, service, leadership and public speaking, Felicia is highly sought-after for her training engagements. She is known to be able to break down complex subjects to learnings which are easy to understand and apply. She has worked with banks, insurance companies, technology companies as well as real estate firms to provide training for their staff.

Felicia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the National University of Singapore. Felicia is certified in Advanced DISC, Teams and Values systems. She has obtained her ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment) Certification. Felicia is also a certified Career Consultant and a Business Coach with Action Coach International.

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